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Climate Week NYC: We Can. We Will.

23rd August 2023 4 min read

Climate Week NYC 2023 is all about joining forces to drive climate action. This year our message is clear. We Can. We Will.

Our goal is to bring together business leaders, political change makers, local decision takers and civil society representatives to bring real change by highlighting the remarkable environmental work of hundreds of businesses, government leaders, organizations, and individuals. With a full program of over 400 events, Climate Week NYC will once more push the world to put their climate plans into action.

The theme reflects determination, focus, but also a hopeful promise, and a call to action to do it together. It touches upon the action we need to take now, but also the need to look ahead and explore new opportunities. We know what this looks like for Climate Week NYC, so we asked the organizations supporting the key themes for Climate Week NYC this year what "We Can. We Will." means to them.

Built Environment

VELUX, this year's Built Environment Partner, says We Can. We Will. Create healthier buildings for people and the planet.

"Using more sustainable construction materials can help reduce the building sector’s carbon footprint, which accounts for 37% of all global CO2 emissions. At VELUX, we are increasingly using low-carbon raw materials in our products and are demonstrating how healthy, sustainable and resilient buildings can benefit both people and planet."

- Fleming Voetmann, Vice President, External Relations & Sustainability, VELUX

Check out the built environment resources page for how to engage this year.


KPMG, this year's Energy Program Partner, says We Can. We Will. Unlock the value of a low carbon future.

“Energy should be viewed through four pillars: Sustainability, availability, reliability, and affordability. The stakes and opportunities for achieving this across our global energy ecosystem have never been higher, and will require everyone to come to the table, challenge current paradigms, and evolve together.”

– Angie Gildea, National Sector Leader, Energy, Natural Resources & Chemicals, KPMG U.S

Check out the energy resources page for how to engage this year.

Environmental Justice

Youth Climate Justice Fund, this year's Environmental Justice Partner, says We Can. We Will. support youth climate justice movements with trust-based funding and youth-to-youth capacity development to igniter beautiful change, and build equitable and sustainable futures. 

"The Youth Climate Justice Fund strengthens existing organizing efforts and supports emerging youth movements with a focus on bridging funders and organizers to enable flexible and impactful support. Through youth-to-youth capacity development and resource sharing, we empower and support young people to drive change and build a just and sustainable future."

- Nathan Méténier, Governance and Development Director, Youth Climate Justice Fund

Check out the environmental justice resources page for how to engage this year.


Organic Valley, this year's Food Program Partner, says We Can. We Will. Fight climate change by protecting life on organic family farms.

"We protect so much in this world. We protect endangered species. We protect national parks. Organic Valley is protecting hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine organic farmland. But it’s not enough. We need people to discover how ethically sourced organic dairy is part of tackling the climate crisis.”

- Jaclyn Cardin, Chief Brand Officer, Organic Valley

Check out the food resources page for how to engage this year.


The International Copper Association, this year's Industry Partner, highlights the importance of copper applications in driving down emissions across the board:

“Copper applications drive the green transition, enabling renewable energy systems and sustainable buildings that decrease energy use and carbon emissions. International Copper Association members practice circularity in the production and use of copper, from reducing and reusing natural resources and waste in operations to employing efforts to close the recycling loop.”

Nicole Witoslawski, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, International Copper Association

Check out the industry resources page for how to engage this year.


Dr Andrew Coburn, CEO of our Nature Partner, Risilience, says We Can. We Will. Support businesses on their journey to nature-positivity and net zero.

“Risilience's climate analytics technology supports global businesses to address the challenges of transitioning to net zero while optimizing the commercial opportunities emerging from a low-carbon and nature-positive future. Our best-in-class team and award-winning technology can and will help businesses to transform and flourish – sustainably.”

- Dr Andrew Coburn, CEO, Risilience

Check out the nature resources page for how to engage this year.


Our Policy Program Partner, Gradient's Vince Romanin, says We Can. We Will. Reduce the carbon emissions from heating and cooling systems, which represent 20% of emissions globally.

"Forty-eight percent of all energy consumption in American homes is a result of cooling and heating. At Gradient, we're reimagining the HVAC industry, starting with a window heat pump that eliminates installer bottlenecks -- it requires no professionals, no drilling, and no permitting".

- Vince Romanin, Co-Founder and CEO, Gradient

Check out the policy resources page for how to engage this year.

Sustainable Living

Visa, this year's Sustainable Living Partner says We Can. We Will. Work collaboratively to help enable others to travel, purchase and live more sustainably.

“With the increased urgency for climate action, we all must step up to help inspire and enable individuals and businesses to adopt more sustainable behaviors – including how we eat, shop, dress, travel, play and live our daily lives.”

- Douglas Sabo, Chief Sustainability Officer, Visa Inc.

Check out the sustainable living resources page for how to engage this year.

Join us September 17-24 for Climate Week NYC 2023. We Can. We Will.