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Climate Week NYC 2023 - The Hub Live

An introduction to The Hub Live

The Hub Live has consistently provided a platform for doers, drivers and trailblazers of climate action where they share, collaborate, and inspire the change that is needed to overcome the hurdles in our path. In 2023, the challenge of keeping corporate climate action on track, phasing out fossil fuels, scaling up climate-positive innovation and ensuring an equitable path for climate finance took center stage. Attendees heard from speakers including:  

  • Rt. Hon. Humza Yousaf, First Minister of Scotland 
  • Jane Fonda, Author and Activist
  • Jerome Foster II, Member and Advisor, White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council 
  • Juan Manuel Santos, Former President of Colombia and Member of the Elders 
  • John Podesta, Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation 
  • Kristin Tilley, Australia’s Ambassador for Climate Change, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Susan Lund, Vice President of Economics and Private Sector Development, IFC
  •  Vanessa Kerry, CEO, Seed Global Health, WHO Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health
  • Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank

With 17 thematic sessions, attendees left no stone unturned as we welcomed more than 2,000 business, policy, NGO, and civil society leaders to discuss, debate, and collaborate on how to best drive climate action across four content streams: 

  • The New Industrial Revolution 
    The revolutionary changes underway to deliver net zero industry and construction. 
  • The Energy and Transport Transition 
    Accelerating zero-emission, smarter energy and transport systems, removing the roadblocks. 
  • Nature, Food Systems and Health 
    Achieving a just transition in agriculture and nature, engaging food supply chains and enhancing environmental health. 
  • Financing the Green Economy 
    Driving growth in investment that’s equitable and fair. 


You can watch all the sessions from The Hub Live on demand.   

Angela Barranco and Juan Manuel Santos Hub Live 2023
Angela Barranco and Juan Manuel Santos at The Hub Live 2023