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Policy is imperative in accelerating and supporting climate action. Policy levers form the framework to influencer businesses, states, and individuals to act on climate and accelerate the transition to net zero.

From EV tax credits to national manufacturing laws, the Policy program considers policy at all levels – local, state, international.  

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NY Gov. Hochul, NYC Mayor Adams announce Gradient’s award in the Clean Heat for All Challenge

NYSERDA, NYCHA, and NYPA launched this Challenge to enable rapid, low-cost electrification of space heating in NYCHA’s occupied multifamily buildings. 

Through its experience with mini-split installation, NYCHA found that electrical system upgrades, refrigerant piping, and drilling through walls – to name only a few hurdles – made its electrification goal nearly unattainable without significant costs and disruptions. 

But the heat pump units Gradient is developing will respond to all of these obstacles. They'll offer a low-cost, user-friendly, and logistically straightforward solution for NYCHA residents.

The Gradient: A closer look at our climate-friendly AC

Up until now, cooling the home has meant warming the planet because of the refrigerants used in air conditioners. Commonly used hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, like R410a, are climate super-pollutants. They’re more than a thousand times more potent than carbon dioxide and accelerate planet warming which, in turn, increases our need for air conditioning.

That's why the Gradient uses R32, a next-generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact.


Watch to learn more about Gradient's new low-carbon AC unit.
Watch to learn how heat pumps stand out from traditional window AC units.
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