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We drive low carbon industry innovation.

Global energy consumption from industry has the potential to be reduced by 25% if the best available technologies are adopted to improve efficiency. Our Industry program brings together the key players from business and government to discuss, collaborate and share knowledge in a way that supports industry action and encourages clear and supportive policies.


Into the Modern Mine

Technological progress in mining has a long history, and innovation remains a priority for the copper industry. The modern copper mine demonstrates decades of innovations working to minimize environmental impact, protect workers and increase efficiency. Innovation is occurring within a myriad of different applications, from enhanced mobile connectivity in drilling to vehicle automation.

The promise and limits of Urban Mining

People and everything made by people – from forks to skyscrapers and landfills – belong to the anthroposphere. Consequently, the anthroposphere contains a wide variety and vast amounts of materials. Urban Mining aims to manage and use these materials as a source of raw material supply, utilizing not only the waste of today but also anticipating and capturing the value contained in the waste of tomorrow. Urban Mining is an important part of the Circular Economy and provides a degree of independence from natural resources, increasing supply security.

Major businesses commit to 100% net zero steel

Steelmaking is currently one of the biggest emitters of CO2 globally, despite the fact that technologies exist for its production to be decarbonized. Four major global businessesIberdrola, Siemens Gamesa, Vattenfall BA Wind and Volvo Cars – have announced their commitment to 100% net zero steel. Read how these businesses plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Net zero concrete program launched by Climate Group and global built environment industry

Concrete, a mix of cement, gravel, sand and water, is a final consumer product. The chemical process used to make traditional limestone cement is very energy intensive, emitting significant levels of CO2. To protect our planet, Climate Group, in partnership with World GBC and WBCSD, launches ConcreteZero in efforts to eliminate all carbon emissions by 2050. 


By joining forces with the copper value chain and partners, we can create a culture of responsibility, positive change, and smart creation—without waste.
The International Copper Association discusses the world’s concerted shift to the sustainable use of resources and development of the circular economy. Watch expert speakers from Glencore, Platform for Accelerating the Circular Econo
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