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We have compiled a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for all those wishing to host or attend events at Climate Week NYC 2020.


What is Climate Week NYC?

Climate Week NYC is one of the key summits on the international calendar and has been driving climate action forward since it was first launched by the Climate Group in 2009. Taking place September 21st-27th in New York City, Climate Week NYC 2020 will bring together international leaders from business, government, and civil society to showcase the unstoppable momentum of global climate action.


How can I watch Climate Week NYC events?

All our events, as well as highlights from over 300 events taking place across New York City and around the world, will be available to view from our Facebook Watch page from September 21, 2020. You can also search our events program, save events to your schedule, and explore Climate Week NYC from your phone via free mobile phone app [iOS and Android].


What is a Climate Week NYC Event?

Businesses, governments, academic institutions, arts and music organizations, and nonprofits are encouraged to participate in the iconic week by hosting an event through the official Climate Week NYC events program. Organizations can apply to host an event during the week of Climate Week NYC 2020 (September 21st-27th) at their chosen location in New York City or online.

Climate Week NYC Events receive a license to use the official Climate Week NYC logos, as well as social media support to assist in promoting their event. Climate Week NYC Events are promoted through the official Climate Week NYC and the Climate Group's digital and social media channels, which have a combined following of over 150,000.

From hosting panel discussions, to concerts, exhibitions and seminars, organizations and individuals can play a pivotal role in advancing commitments, driving awareness and education, and keeping climate action at the top of the global agenda. In 2019, Climate Week NYC was home to over 350 events.

The Climate Week NYC events program is organized through ten program themes including Clean Energy Transition, Transport and Infrastructure, Industry and Built Environment, Finance, Investment and Jobs, Food and Land Use, Nature and Science, US and International Policy, Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice, Sustainable Travel and Tourism, and Climate Impacts and Adaptation. 


Who can register an official Climate Week NYC Event?

Governments, businesses, academic institutions, community groups, arts and music organizations, nonprofits and individuals are all invited to host Climate Week NYC events. The more events we can convene, the greater reach and impact Climate Week NYC 2020 will have! 

How, when and where will my Climate Week NYC Event be hosted?

Climate Week NYC 2020 is taking place in New York City between September 21st-27th. Organizations are responsible for finding a venue and organizing their own events. All events must take place within New York City or online.

While Climate Week NYC 2020 is officially taking place between September 21st-27th, if your event falls within a week of these dates, you may still register your event to be listed. 


What are the benefits to becoming an official Climate Week NYC Event?

Once your event has been approved, it will be prepared to be posted on the online Climate Week NYC 2020 events program. 

By registering as an official Climate Week NYC 2020 event, your event will be promoted through the Climate Week NYC and the Climate Group’s digital and social media channels, which have a combined following of over 150,000, putting your organization's profile at the forefront of an internationally recognized event.


How can I attend Climate Week NYC? 

Climate Week NYC offers many opportunities for engagement! Through the Climate Week NYC events program, organizers throughout the city or online will host events during the week. Each event host is responsible for managing the registration and attendance for their events. If you are interested in attending specific events, we encourage you to visit our online events program. You can view the individual contact details for each event and contact the host directly. 


Do I have to purchase tickets to attend Climate Week NYC? 

It depends on the event - through the Climate Week NYC events program, there will be many events to choose from. Each individual event has a separate registration or attendance policy. Please visit each event page for details and contact the specific event host with any additional questions. 


Where can I view all events happening during Climate Week NYC?

You can view our online Climate Week NYC 2020 events calendar for a list of all events. The program is updated with new events weekly. 


Is there a cost associated with registering my Climate Week NYC Event?

As a corporation, the cost of registration for an official Climate Week NYC event is $475. This is one-time fee applies to both in-person and virtual events and covers all events that your organization hosts as a part of Climate Week NYC 2020. 

We are asking nonprofits, academic organizations, community groups, startups, and public bodies to make an appropriate donation to the Climate Group in lieu of the $475 registration fee. Further information will be provided upon submission.

No billing details will be taken in the first stage of the application process.


Can I register my event if I have not confirmed all of the logistics for it?

Yes, you may submit your event even if you are still confirming venue space, speakers, registration details, etc.

Should you need to make any amendments to your event listing on our website leading up to Climate Week NYC 2020, please email contact@climateweeknyc.org.


What type of support can the Climate Group offer me in planning and promoting my event?

The Climate Group’s role is primarily to service the online platform for events to increase their visibility. We typically do not offer support in terms of coordinating logistics, venue space, invites, etc.

The Climate Group will promote the Climate Week NYC events program through external channels, including our social media accounts and engagement programs.

If you are interested in an Event Sponsor package, which includes additional promotion and direct support for your event, please contact the Sponsorship and Business Development team at the Climate Group (sponsorship@theclimategroup.org).

When will Climate Week NYC promotional materials be available online?

Climate Week NYC promotional materials will be available by August 2020.


How has COVID-19 affected the Climate Week NYC events program? 

Climate Week NYC will take place as scheduled September 21-27, 2020. In light of social distancing and health safety concerns for the City of New York and the global population, we are accepting virtual and online events for registration as official Climate Week NYC events. 


For additional questions that are not listed, please email contact@climateweeknyc.org.

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