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The world’s food system is responsible for around 30% of global energy consumption. Reducing the emissions intensity of food is critical to achieving our goal of a net zero world by 2050.

Our food system includes production, processing, packaging, distribution and consumption. Our Food program works with powerful coalitions of businesses and governments to target a range of issues within the food supply chain, particularly in agriculture.


Reducing Farm Emissions Without Carbon Offsets

Organic Valley’s insetting program incentivizes and assists Organic Valley farmers in implementing regenerative, climate-smart farming practices. This innovative program will enable Organic Valley to reach carbon neutrality without a reliance on carbon offsetting—purchasing external carbon credits—as many companies do.

Organic Valley's 2023 Impact Report: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System and Thriving Small Organic Family Farms

The 2023 Impact Report unveils Organic Valley's trailblazing initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint and champion small organic family farms to help support a better, more equitable food system. The pioneering CROPP Carbon Insetting Program (CCIP) takes center stage, offering a groundbreaking approach to carbon insetting by rewarding Organic Valley farmers for implementing regenerative, climate-smart farming practices, such as tree planting and composting strategies. This revolutionary program empowers Organic Valley to work toward carbon neutrality without relying on carbon offsetting while financially supporting family farms' environmental stewardship.

Organic Valley impact report


For 35 years Organic Valley’s been dedicated to keeping the next generation of farmers on their land where they can make a difference for animals, people and the planet.
If carbon atoms are the building blocks of all life on earth and the exact same amount of carbon has been around since the days of the dinosaur - why does it get such a bad rap today for accelerating climate change?
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Organic Valley is the Food Program Partner at Climate Week NYC.