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Partnership between the Youth Climate Justice Fund and Climate Group for Climate Week NYC 2023

22nd August 2023 Joshua Amponsem, Strategy Director, Youth Climate Justice Fund 3 min read

The Youth Climate Justice Fund is the Environmental Justice Program Partner for Climate Week NYC.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between the Youth Climate Justice Fund and Climate Group in anticipation of New York Climate Week 2023. This collaboration marks a significant effort towards fostering collective action in the face of the global climate crisis, with the dynamic energy of youth climate justice movements leading the way.

As the global climate crisis intensifies and we are entering a new "era of global boiling", as recently coined by the UN Secretary-General's, youth climate justice movements have kept fighting and organizing for our future. From the largest global mobilization in 2019 to the youth climate movements’ instrumental role in shaping influential policies such as the European Green Deal, youth-led climate justice movements are at the heart of climate and socio-environmental justice. Their success in rallying nations to establish a Loss & Damage Fund exemplifies their ability to drive tangible change. A notable milestone was the recent collaboration that led the UN General Assembly to seek an advisory opinion on the intersection of climate change and human rights, underscoring the significance of youth-led initiatives.

In celebration of the transformative role played by these youth movements, we are delighted to join hands during Climate Week NYC. As we gear up for an eventful year of engagement and international objectives, a few key priorities come to the forefront. Holding policymakers accountable for their climate commitments, amplifying ambition for equitable climate policies, and nurturing the next generation of climate leaders, is more than ever essential to deliver real change.

Adam Lake, North America lead for Climate Week NYC, commented, "We're really excited to join forces with the Youth Climate Justice Fund this year as our Official Environmental Justice Program Partner. Climate Week NYC is the biggest annual climate event of its kind in the world and this is because of the creativity, ambition and determination of the hundreds of local groups and communities who host activity during the week. This partnership will not only allow us to encourage more community based groups to be a part of the week, it will also provide an avenue for these groups to work with the Youth Climate Justice Fund to find new avenues that will allow their work to impact even more people."

However, achieving these goals requires supporting youth climate justice movements. A crucial aspect highlighted by the Youth Climate Justice Study is the scarcity of resources available to these movements. This is what led many young climate justice leaders to the Youth Climate Justice Fund –  a new global initiative to support youth climate justice movements with trust-based funding, resources and youth-to-youth capacity development.

At the core of Youth Climate Justice Fund’s approach is a commitment to addressing disparities and supporting global marginalized voices, including people of color, women, queer-led collectives, indigenous communities, and local groups. The Youth Climate Justice Fund will support Climate Group as their official Environmental Justice partner. As part of the partnership Climate Group will work with the Youth Climate Justice Fund to promote engagement with Climate Week NYC, incentivizing the creation of youth-led and environmental justice focused events and providing support and advice to those hosting activity during the week.

The culmination of this partnership will be the official launch of the Youth Climate Justice Fund during Climate Week NYC. As we just marked International Youth Day, the Fund has kicked off its first call for funding applications, inviting young change-makers from all over the world to apply for support.

Together, we possess the potential to drive positive change and shape a more equitable and sustainable future, under the shared roof of Climate Week NYC 2023. 

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