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Voices from the Frontlines of the Climate Emergency

Bafana Matsebula, Wanjiku Kironyo, Iliria Unzueta
Event by: Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism
2 hours

01:30 PM - 03:30 PM EDT
12 East 41st Street
Public event

New York City,
United States

Voices from the Frontlines of the Climate Emergency
People in frontline communities are deeply affected by the climate crisis and we all need to hear their stories. This forum welcomes people from developing nations and oppressed communities to speak from their personal experience on how their countries and communities are being impacted by climate change now. Listening to the experiences of the people most impacted by climate change is important. We need to hear their struggles as people experiencing the climate emergency. And we need stories of their activism and organizing—stories that communicate hope, commitment, and courage to unite, inspire and rekindle our spirit. You will get to hear people from frontline communities share their own experiences. You will be listening to voices of people who come from communities that do not contribute to the climate crisis but end up receiving most of the impacts. They are economically and politically oppressed and their voices silenced. This can be hard to listen to so, at intervals during the forum, participants will break into small groups of two or more to process what they have heard. You will also listen to one another’s stories. This way, everyone has a chance to tell their own story and express any emotions and hurts caused by climate change and its effects. Sharing experiences is a powerful tool that strengthens our resolve, commitment, and activism.