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Pathways to Dairy Net Zero: Accelerating Action, Achieving Results

1. Donald Moore, Executive Director, GDP
2. Green Climate Fund and/or Global Methane Hub (TBC)
3. Hanne Sondergaard, Chief Agriculture and Sustainability Officer, Arla Foods (TBC)
4. Marilyn Hershey – U.S. Dairy Farmer and Chair at Dairy Management Inc (TBC)
Additional Speakers forthcoming
Event by: Global Dairy Platform
1 hour 30 minutes

01:30 PM - 03:00 PM EDT
Public event

United States

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero: Accelerating Action, Achieving Results

Speakers will cover a range of topics, including advancements in research to identify practical methods for reducing emissions in dairy systems worldwide, the progress made in developed markets by adopting improved farming and production practices and introducing new technologies. Additionally, speakers will discuss how Dairy Nourishes Africa (DNA), a public-private partnership in East Africa, is demonstrating how Pathways to Dairy Net Zero can be implemented in emerging economies.

They will also highlight how the initiative is mobilizing resources to accelerate action in developing countries by promoting partnerships, such as the one established by The Green Climate Fund, Global Dairy Platform, International Fund for Agricultural Development, FAO, Global Methane Hub, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Bain & Company to support the transition of dairy systems to lower-emission and climate-resilient pathways in East Africa.

The partnership provided approximately U.S. $3.5 million in project preparation funding to support the development of a regional, public-private livestock program for Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The objective is to develop a blended finance initiative to leverage U.S. $400 million. The event will begin with a welcome address by Donald Moore, the Executive Director of Global Dairy Platform. He will introduce the Pathways to Dairy Net Zero initiative, followed by Dr. Harry Clark (TBC), who will detail the robust research program underway in support of the climate initiative.

Then, a panel of expert speakers will provide important interventions, including a representative from the Green Climate Fund and/or Global Methane Hub, a representative from a global dairy company, and dairy farmers from both developed and emerging dairy regions.