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INNOV-EAT Expedition | Trailblazing, failing, and setting sail: A quest for food systems innovations

Sam Kass, Partner, Acre Venture Partners and Food Entrepreneur
Gunhild Stordalen, Founder & Executive Chair, EAT Foundation
Andy Jarvis, Director of Future of Food, Bezos Earth Foundation
Jessica Fanzo, Professor of Climate, Director, Food for Humanity Initiative, Columbia University
Dhanush Dinesh, Chief Climate Catalyst, Clim-Eat
Mildred Nadah Pita, Head of Public Affairs Africa, Bayer
Dario Soto Abril, Executive Director, Trafigura Foundation
Paul Winters, Executive Director, Innovation Commission for Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture
Phil Thornton, Research and Innovation Strategist, Clim-Eat
Jaime Adams, Senior Advisor & U.S. AIM for Climate Lead, USDA
Tania Strauss, Head, Food and Water, World Economic Forum
Brent Loken, Global Food Lead Scientist, WWF Global Science
Shayna Fertig, Senior Advisor to the President, Good Food Institute
Mario Herrero, Director of Food Systems & Global Change, Cornell
Event by: Clim-Eat, Columbia Climate School, Bezos Earth Fund, Bayer, EAT
6 hours

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
The Forum, Columbia University - 125 St and Broadway, NYC
Public event

New York City,
United States


Step into a world of innovation and transformation at the INNOV-EAT Expedition – an event that redefines the way we approach food sustainability. This remarkable journey is a convergence of ideas, collaboration, and inspiration, all geared towards ushering in lasting change.

Imagine a space where the latest technological marvels take center stage, poised to revolutionize food systems across the globe. Our event is a testament to the power of these innovations, showcasing how they can be harnessed to usher in a new era of sustainable practices.

But innovation isn't just about successes; it's about learning from failures too. We embrace setbacks as stepping stones toward triumphant innovation. Join us in celebrating these valuable lessons that have carved the path to ingenuity.

Our platform isn't just an event; it's a catalyst for dialogue and collaboration. Diverse stakeholders from across the food spectrum – from farmers to policymakers, from chefs to researchers – will come together to cultivate a community that reveres systemic innovation and technology. We believe that unity fuels progress, and collaboration sparks unprecedented change.

Best practices, research revelations, and real-world case studies will be shared, shining a spotlight on triumphant examples of systemic and technological innovation in food systems. These stories of success echo far beyond the confines of the event, showcasing the positive ripples these innovations can create across the environment, society, and economy.

Central to our mission is inspiring and empowering the youth, individuals, and organizations to wholeheartedly embrace innovation and sustainable food systems. Our aim is to ignite a spark of transformation in every attendee, catalyzing action that will shape a future where sustainability is the norm.