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Forest Carbon Markets: Building a Trusted Marketplace

Alicia Robbins, VP of Portfolio Analytics and Business Development at Weyerhaeuser
Lydia Sheldrake, Director of Policy and Partnerships at the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiatives (VCMI)
Jonathan Goldberg, Founder and CEO at Carbon Direct
Simon Mulcahy, Founder and CEO at TIME CO2 (Moderator)
Taylor Wright, Head of Strategy and Carbon Management at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Event by: Weyerhaeuser
3 hours

05:30 PM - 08:30 PM EDT
250 Hudson Street
Private event

New York City, NY 10013
United States

Forest Carbon Markets: Building a Trusted Marketplace

While companies race against the clock to adopt technologies and practices to reduce their carbon footprint and meet net-zero goals, many industries will need to address residual emissions with high-quality carbon credits. Natural capital solutions, which protect healthy ecosystems and incentivize stewardship of working lands, can provide about 30 percent of the emissions reductions needed to limit warming to 1.5 C by 2030. Forest carbon, in particular, has a unique role to play in offering the benefits of carbon sequestration and storage alongside a host of social and biodiversity co-benefits. However, not all forest carbon projects are created equal, and many aspects of carbon market infrastructure have been questioned. Standards aren’t uniform and many methodologies lack transparency, making value hard to define and validate right now.

So, what are the structural elements of a successful carbon market that will be able to incentivize real, measurable and additional results that buyers can rely on? Join our panelists as they discuss the current state of the carbon market in the United States and its future trajectory, what to consider when evaluating forest carbon credits, the landscape of upcoming conversations that will shape the future of voluntary and compliance forest carbon markets, and what market infrastructure is needed to ensure ongoing trust in this unique nature-based solution.