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Financing climate justice: Taking stock for a sustainable future

Rt. Hon Humza Yousaf - First Minister of Scotland
Levi Sucre Romero - Coordinator, Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB-covering from Mexico to Panama) and Co-Chair to the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities
Asif Saleh - Executive Director, BRAC Bangladesh
Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin - UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for Egypt, UN
Nicole Itano - Programme Director, Global Recovery Collective, Climate Emergency Collaboration Group
Dominique Hyde - Director of the Department of External Relations, UNHCR

11.55am - 12.50pm
New York City

United States

Climate Week NYC

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The societies and communities most impacted by the effects of climate change are often those that did the least to contribute to the issue and grappling with socio-economic inequality, poverty and governance challenges. Despite this, these countries struggle to get adequate funds for climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. More problematically, where the scale of climate damage is irreversible, there are little to no funds to support those communities.

This session will consider: 

  • How do we accelerate global support on the delicate issue of loss and damage?   
  • Can a debt cancellation help developing nations to widen their scope to act on climate?  
  • What are the main blocks/barriers to these agendas and how can they be addressed?