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Energizing America: Innovating clean energy infrastructure for a sustainable future

Tommy Beaudreau, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Interior
Bill Ritter, President and Chair of the Board for North America
Serena McIlwain - Secretary of the Environment, State of Maryland
Pedro J. Pizarro – President and Chief Executive Officer, Edison International
Reuven Carlyle, Founder, Earth Finance and Former Washington State Senator
Laurel Blatchford - Chief Implementation Officer for Inflation Reduction Act Implementation, U.S Department of Treasury
Will Hazelip, President, National Grid Ventures, U.S. Northeast
Mary Nichols - Director and Chair of the Governance Committee for Climate Group, North America, Co-Chair / Vice Chair, Coalition for Reimagines Mobility / California-China Climate Institute
Brenda Mallory, Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality
Sarah Chandler, Vice President, Environment and Supply Chain Innovation, Apple
Henry Stern, Senator, California State Senate, District 27
Ali Zaidi, Senior Advisor and National Climate Advisor, White House
Katy Yaroslavsky, Councilwoman, Los Angeles, District 5
Maria Kozloski, Senior Vice President of Innovative Finance, Rockefeller Foundation
Michael Blake, Founder and CEO, Atlas Strategy Group
John Podesta, Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation
Angela Barranco - Executive Director, North America, Climate Group

11.00am - 12.50pm
New York City

United States

Climate Week NYC

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The United States is on a mission to revolutionize its energy landscape by embracing low and zero-carbon solutions. Yet, unlocking the full potential of clean energy infrastructure requires breaking down barriers that impede swift implementation. How can we navigate the regulatory complexities, secure necessary financing, and overcome technical challenges to propel climate-friendly projects forward?

In this session, we will join forces to:

  • Unpack the current landscape of federal support for clean energy infrastructure and exploring opportunities and obstacles for effective implementation
  • Showcase real-world success stories and distilling valuable lessons from innovative clean energy projects within the United States and beyond
  • Ignite creativity through cutting-edge solutions and partnerships that expedite the deployment of clean energy infrastructure, foster job creation, economic growth, and enhance resilience
  • Spotlight the pivotal roles of state and local governments, utilities, investors, developers, and civil society in driving the clean energy agenda forward, while ensuring equitable access and community engagement