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Cleantech: Silver bullet or red herring on net-zero?

David Brown - Senior Vice President, Federal Government Affairs & Public Policy, Constellation Energy
Rt Hon. Chris Skidmore – MP for Kingswood 
Harish Hande - Founder and CEO, SELCO Foundation
Roy Torbert, Chief Program Officer, RMI Third Derivative
Esther An - CSO, City Developments Ltd
Dr Sally Uren - CEO, Forum for the Future

12.50pm - 1.45pm
New York City

United States

Climate Week NYC

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With the twin policies of the Inflation Reduction Act and the Green Deal Industrial Plan sparking a green subsidy manufacturing race in the Global North, the ground is set for clean technology to supercharge the transition to a net-zero economy. But, can we rely on technology, in some cases, unproven, unfunded and unscalable to save the planet?

We’ll be asking and debating, how do we select which clean technologies are game changing and drive scalability and implementation?

  • What are the biggest inhibitors to the scaling of cleantech – and which industries are facing the most difficulty?
  • How can cleantech businesses best position themselves to benefit for the ‘great unlock’ of finance driven by policy in the United States, China and the European Union?
  • How can we ensure the benefit of cleantech is felt across the globe in equal measure