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Building the future: Unleashing the renovation revolution

Toby Morgan - Built Environment Lead, Climate Group
Emmanuel Normant, Vice President for Sustainable Development, Saint-Gobain
Paula Glover - President, Alliance to Save Energy
Eryn Devola - Head of Sustainability, Siemens Digital Industries
Mark Chambers - Former White House Official
Harry Verhaar - Head of Global Public and Government Affairs, Signify

11.00am - 11.55am
New York City

United States

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The spotlight is back on energy efficiency. The previous year marked a shift, as retrofitting rates in the US surpassed new construction for the first time in two decades. Yet, to slash emissions by 50% within this decade, a swift upsurge in global renovations is paramount. Is the built environment industry prepared for this challenge? Are we on the cusp of sparking a global retrofitting revolution? 

We will delve into how we can encourage business synergies and expedite impactful actions:

  • How can we best stimulate corporate collaboration and fuel substantial action?  
  • What are the key strategies and successful policies for the global frontrunners?
  • How can slower adopters fast-track to align with industry leaders?