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Addressing the Climate-Health-Equity Nexus: The Path to a Sustainable Future

Vanessa Kerry - MD, Chief Executive Officer of Seed Global Health, Director-General Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health, WHO
Juliette White – Vice President Global Sustainability, AstraZeneca
John Balbus - Acting Director, Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, US Department of Health and Human Services
Dr. Judith Rodin, President Emerita, University of Pennsylvania, Former President, The Rockefeller Foundation
Joris Silon - US Country President and Senior Vice President, BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit, AstraZeneca
Dr. Nanthalile Mugala, Chief of the Africa Region, PATH
Alejandro René Daly Rivero, Youth Climate Justice Advocate, Columbia

1.45pm - 2.40pm
New York City

United States

Climate Week NYC

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This session will focus on the climate crisis, the largest public health crisis of our time. The WHO estimates that nearly 1 in 4 deaths are attributable to preventable environmental causes. Today, we are seeing a steep rise in heart conditions, cancers, respiratory illnesses and infectious diseases linked to environmental factors, with vulnerable populations most affected. This bears an enormous burden not only on patient populations, but also on our societies and economies, with poor health estimated to cost the global economy 15% of global GDP.

Expert speakers will identify scalable action and opportunities to mitigate the climate crisis and help systems adapt to the significant health challenges we face now and in the future. Best practices of public-private partnerships will be shared, demonstrating that the transition to sustainable, equitable, and resilient health systems can be achieved.

Key questions to be addressed will include the following, including through audience Q&A:

  • How does climate change affect health and vice versa?
  • What are the economic and social impacts of the climate-health nexus?
  • What actions must be taken to strengthen the resilience of health systems, and what best practices can be scaled?