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In this edition of our member spotlight series, we spoke to Sun Jie, Chief Sustainability Officer of Envision Group, about how being a member of RE100 is helping Envision empower customers and partners through innovative green-tech solutions.

Tell us about Envision’s journey to a net zero future

We have ambitious net zero goals. In 2019, we joined the RE100 program and committed to use 100% renewable electricity by 2025, and in 2021 we joined the Business Ambition for 1.5℃ campaign, committed to keeping global warming below the 1.5℃ threshold. We also pledged to achieve carbon neutrality in our business operations by 2022 and across the value chain by 2028.  

Since 2022, we have become one of the first green technology companies in the world to achieve operational carbon neutrality, which is greatly attributed to increasing renewable electricity use across our global operations. 

We have explored the full potential of wind, solar and energy storage to power our factories and offices. As of 2022, we had 35MW of wind and 4MW of solar connected directly to our factories. This year, we expect to install an additional 49MW of renewable energy capacity on-site. At the plant in Ordos, Envision supplemented six 5MW-wind turbines with new solar installations. These, combined with an AI-powered microgrid control system, will allow the plant to meet more than 80% of its own electricity needs through local renewables.  

For factories and offices not suited for on-site power generation, we continue to explore ways to source off-site renewable energy, including investing in off-site wind farm projects, participating in green power trading, and claiming renewable energy certificates (RECs). 

Nike China Taicang smart logistics center

Why did Envision decide to join Climate Group’s RE100 programme? 

As a green-tech company providing comprehensive renewable solutions, we are dedicated to driving the global net zero transition. At the same time, it's crucial we use as much renewable energy within our operation and across our value chain as possible. RE100 is an excellent program to help us commit, act and report in promoting renewable energy and fighting climate change. 

“Envision is committed to being a leading innovator in the field of sustainability. We joined RE100 and became a CDP Gold Accredited Solution Provider, dedicated to empowering our internal sustainable operation, supply chain, customers and partners with technological innovation. We collaborate with stakeholders to promote global sustainable development, enable the green industrial revolution, and integrate productivity and permanent sustainable development.”  

-Sun Jie, Chief Sustainability Officer of Envision Group 


What has this enabled Envision to achieve? 

Since joining RE100, we have stepped up our efforts to expand renewables use. In 2022, Envision avoided over 209,000 metric tons of CO2, accounting for 80% the total emissions that would have been emitted, and 94% of the electricity consumed came from renewable sources. 

Beyond our own operation, we are extending renewable targets to suppliers. In 2025, we launched a supplier engagement program to forge a more sustainable supply chain. We asked key suppliers of our wind turbine supplier chain (approx. 130 suppliers) to consume 100% renewable electricity for Envision Energy products. We also enable suppliers to achieve sustainable goals with technological net zero solutions and knowledge sharing.   

In 2022, we educated more than 100 key suppliers through seminars, on-site guidance and other activities, and earned a place on CDP’s 2022 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard, in recognition of our efforts to measure and reduce climate risk within our supply chain.  

As a net zero technology partner, we collaborate with global partners to achieve their renewable targets and drive the process of decarbonization. To date, Envision has installed more than 50GW of wind turbines, which have generated more than 270TWh of renewable energy, avoiding about 200 million tons of CO2 emissions. 

For example, we cooperated with Nike China to decarbonize its largest logistics center in Asia. Two Envision 3MW smart wind turbines provide approximately 14,000 MWh renewable energy to the facility annually. Powered by Envision’s AIoT solution, Nike China Logistics Center has achieved 100% renewable energy consumption with real-time energy management of wind and solar power on site.  

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