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Climate Week NYC is Getting It Done together

24th August 2022 4 min read

Climate Week NYC 2022 is all about coming together. This year, like last, we’re aiming to get it done. 

Our goal is to promote climate action and awareness by showcasing the brilliant environmental work of hundreds of businesses, government leaders, organizations, and individuals. With over 500 events, Climate Week NYC will push the world to put their climate plans into action.  

These plans and solutions may look different; however, aiding the climate crisis circles around similar goals of incorporating environmentally friendly practices and reaching net-zero emissions. We know what this looks like for Climate Week NYC, so we asked the organizations supporting the key themes for Climate Week NYC this year what Getting It Done means to them.   

Environmental Justice

Our Environmental Justice Program Partner, Intersectional Environmentalist, challenges climate activists to strive for a more equitable and diverse future of environmentalism: 

"At Intersectional Environmentalist, we’re working to radically imagine and build a future that is rooted in environmental justice. To us, ‘getting it done’ means creating vibrant community spaces that foster climate optimism, action, and joy, so that we may all feel we belong in the future we’re building towards."

- Kiana Kazemi, Intersectional Environmentalist Programming Director 

Sustainable Living

Our Sustainable Living Partner, Junk Kouture, promotes open climate conversation through the creative appreciation of young people: 

"We want to empower young people all over the world and help them believe that their talents and creative thinking can have an impact on the planet. By giving them a platform to express themselves and challenge the norms, Junk Kouture is ‘Getting It Done’ by enriching the lives of future generations and putting the power for change in their hands." 

- Troy Armour, CEO, Junk Kouture 


Our Energy Program Sponsor, Clean Path NY, commits to a sustainable future by delivering more than 7.5 million megawatt-hours of emissions-free energy to New Yorkers every year.

“Climate Week is a forum to further ideas, dialogue, and strategies necessary to tackle the climate crisis. Combatting the climate crisis requires urgency, innovation, and inclusivity—and that’s what Clean Path NY will deliver for New York and New Yorkers. As we advance one of the largest clean energy infrastructure projects in the nation, Clean Path NY is proud to join Climate Week’s conversations on how to turn climate goals into real, actionable solutions.” 

- Clean Path NY leaders Jeff Blau of energyRe, Michael Polsky of Invenergy, and Justin E. Driscoll of the New York Power Authority 

Built Environment

Our Built Environment Program Sponsor, Enel North America, provides clean electrification for thousands of homes, businesses, and major cities: 

"With ten years of federal policy certainty starting now, the US has a pathway to tackle climate change and to transform the energy landscape to reach net zero. Now it is time for businesses to get it done and accelerate the energy transition to a fully clean electrified economy.”  

- Enrico Viale, Head of Enel North America 


Our Industry Program Sponsor, International Copper Association, drives sustainable development by connecting the upstream and downstream segments of the copper value chain: 

“International Copper Association (ICA) members are actively reducing their own carbon footprints, accelerating the adoption of innovative technologies, and progressing the global energy transition through partnerships across the complete value chain. Our members are committed to ensuring this essential material reaches the market in a timely and responsible manner.” 

- Anthony Lea, President, ICA 


Our Nature Program Sponsor, American Forests, is driving climate action by restoring forests, which are responsible for over 15% of carbon consumption from burning fossil fuels: 

“Trees and forests deliver powerful solutions for climate change, inequity, decreasing biodiversity, and more. For American Forests, ‘Getting It Done’ means driving resources into action, using science- and data-driven tools like our Tree Equity Score, as well as next level public-private collaboration, to deliver better, faster results for forests.”  

- Jad Daley, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Forests 


Our Transport Program Sponsor, FedEx, is committing to connecting the world in a sustainable and responsible way by reducing carbon emissions in their packaging, delivery services, and facilities. 

"Intervention, innovation – or ‘applied inspiration’ – and collaboration are all necessary to avoid more irreversible consequences. The private sector, government, and non-profits working collaboratively together to find solutions sends a powerful demand signal to the market and can ultimately be a stronger catalyst for change than any group acting alone."

- Mitch Jackson, Staff Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer, FedEx Corp.


Official Resilience Partner for Climate Week NYC, Resilience Rising merges essential communities to combat interconnected challenges and build a more sustainable future.: 

"For Resilience Rising, ‘Getting it done’ means being bold enough to pursue unconventional collaborations that can galvanize leaders across sectors to take resilient climate action and drive transformational, systemic change. It means less talking about possibilities, more walking towards solutions."

- Seth Schultz, CEO, Resilience Rising 

Getting It Done

We're delighted that this year, we're working with The Estée Lauder Companies as Headline Partner to work towards Getting It Done. 

“The Estée Lauder Companies is honored to return to Climate Week NYC as this year's Headline Partner. As a global business deeply committed to championing climate solutions, this convening is crucial in forging meaningful conversations and driving the urgency and scale of action needed during this critical decade. We look forward to these important discussions and most importantly, to the resulting action that will advance progress towards a low-carbon future."

- Nancy Mahon, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability, The Estée Lauder Companies

Join us September 19-25 for Climate Week NYC 2022 to get it done. 

Estee Lauder Headline Partner