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Leaving no one behind in the transition to net zero

20th September 2021 Badar Khan 3 min read

The last 18 months have been overwhelming for so many in the face of a global pandemic and, in recent months, extreme weather events have exacerbated the challenges being felt across society. We know we’ve got to act bigger and bolder to fight climate change, now. I’m optimistic about the commitment we’re seeing across all levels of government, industry and indeed humanity to address this challenge collectively. But what’s most promising is the level of engagement we’re seeing around making this an equitable transition. For National Grid, equity is at the heart of our vision for a clean energy future.

At Climate Week NYC our global community is convening to accelerate climate action and assess our progress ahead of the upcoming 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26.) We’re already seeing progress. In the Northeast U.S., where National Grid serves 20 million people, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced more than any other U.S. region.   

To reach beyond the low hanging fruit, we’ve got to focus on decarbonizing the energy supply and helping customers change the way they consume energy by giving them options. It’s key that these options and benefits are accessible to everyone. I believe that in order to properly serve our communities, we must fully be a part of them.

Last week we launched Project C with a day of service across New York. The initiative represents National Grid’s Community Commitment to: 

  • Connect our communities to clean and sustainable energy.
  • Care for our neighborhoods and their revitalization.
  • Compassionately address the challenges our customers face, including environmental justice and social equity.
  • Create the workforce that will help build New York’s clean energy delivery system.
  • Collaborate with our customers, community partners, stakeholders and so many others to deliver the clean, fair, resilient and affordable energy future.

While Project C will enable us to engage with our communities here at home, more must be done on the global stage to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Historically, we know that not all transitions are inclusive. We also know that the severe impacts of climate change are projected to impact the world’s most vulnerable populations disproportionately. We have to be intentional about combatting that inequity and, to do that, we need everyone at the table.

For National Grid, being the primary partner of both Climate Week NYC and COP26 presents a unique opportunity for us to drive more ambitious change towards securing a clean energy future that leaves no one behind. Everyone must have the opportunity to join the dialogue around improving our collective energy future. 

To this end, National Grid’s Voice of All initiative is giving every individual who stands to be impacted by climate change the opportunity to have their voice heard at COP26. With so much at stake, we are inviting everyone to share their unique hopes and fears with the world’s leaders. Voices from across the US, UK and beyond will be joined together to create one speech delivered live at COP26. Add your voice to this critical dialogue at: nationalgrid.com/voiceofall. And, please, share this opportunity forward: #VoiceOfAll.