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See below for The Hub Live agenda. The schedule will continue to be updated:

  1. The role of tech in smart buildings: Enabling a productive, healthy and net zero built environment 
    Buildings account for 30-40% of total global emissions. But renovation rates are still far too slow to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Will smart tech make the difference? Will tech allow businesses to move more quickly to retrofitting and building climate friendly and healthy properties?
    • Explore new smart technologies which can help businesses to decarbonize their building footprint, fast
    • Showcase real-world energy productivity best practices, such as smart LED lighting systems and heating and cooling technologies
    • Consider how tech will also support our changing ways of work and play
    • Identify and discuss remaining barriers to implementation 

  2. Chance of a lifetime? How governments and businesses are achieving a green economic recovery
    Join us to hear how governments and businesses are delivering a green recovery. 

    We’re currently experiencing the greatest human and economic tragedy of a generation. But this is also an unparalleled opportunity to build back better for the Climate Decade, halving emissions in the next 10 years.

    This high-level event will feature both political and business leaders. We will discuss what needs to be done over the next two years to accelerate climate action, create green jobs and a healthier society. 

  3. RE100 Members’ Forum (Closed Door)
    RE100 member companies will be celebrated for the many ways they’ve accelerated the transition to a renewables-based electricity system. Their leadership sends a strong signal to markets and policymakers that renewables are a smart business decision. 

    Join our exclusive RE100 Members’ Forum to:
    • Learn more about international renewable electricity markets
    • Share best-practices
    • Collaborate on scaling up global impact
    • Celebrate the first ever RE100 Leadership Awards winners – rewarding those who have gone above and beyond 

  4. Fast tracking the Green Industrial Revolution: An exploration of innovative public-private partnerships
    A radical decarbonization of the industrial sector is essential for the Paris Agreement to be successful. This transformation requires supportive policies, innovative public-private platforms and market drivers that support industry innovation.

    This event will:
    • Focus on industrial decarbonization solutions through market, technology, or policy
    • Highlight collaboration opportunities between industry and government to drive emission reductions while creating growth
    • Include panelists from our Under2 Coalition’s Industry Transition Platform, EP100 campaign, and the SteelZero project 

  5. Redefining Leadership: Conquering the Climate Decade
    Have the events of 2020 shifted what governments and businesses can get done? 

    Governments and business have recently shown incredible determination to respond to a major emergency. They’ve created bold programs overnight and intervened in an unprecedented way to protect people’s health and jobs.  

    Can the same approach be taken to the climate crisis? Does the world now have a greater chance of halving global emissions, in this, the Climate Decade? Join us to hear from political and business leaders as we explore what leaders can now do. 

  6. Climate Change, Deforestation and Global Pandemics: Addressing Complex Environmental, Health & Social Issues through Systematic Approaches
    This event, hosted and moderated by Johnson & Johnson (J&J), will bring together thought leaders from the realms of public health, climate science, and forest conservation to discuss how we can work across disciplines and sectors together at the nexus of these issues and address them systematically. Deforestation and land use change has increased the risk of infectious diseases and pandemics. Now is the time to step back and see how all of these issues - climate, forests and health - are all interconnected and how we may maximize efforts and address all in a coordinated way so we create better health for more people, in more places around the world.  

  7. Reimagining Growth in India’s Climate Decade  
    India is faced with multifaceted vulnerabilities related to changing climate and this year, the nation reels with series of setbacks like COVID-19, Cyclone Aaphan in the east coast and cyclone Nisarga at the west coast. There is a fear that long term impacts of COVID and increasing frequency of extreme events will adversely impact India’s ambitions of a GDP growth rate of ~9% by the year 2030 and its commitment to chart out a green transition. Join us to hear powerful voices from businesses and government debate the potential pathways for India to take as it steps into the climate decade. 

  8. Beyond 2020: States and regions leading to a better climate future (Closed Door)
    The Under2 Coalition General Assembly 2020 

    The Under2 Coalition’s General Assembly will bring together leaders from ambitious states and regions to share new ways to fight climate change. Our members have been driving climate leadership for over five years, including when national governments can’t or won’t step in. Now, in the Climate Decade, we will be talking about how to do even more to halve emissions by 2030 and build a better future for all. 

  9. Accelerating electric vehicle adoption: How business leadership and collective action can now drive the market 
    Bold leadership of forward-looking businesses and policy makers is currently accelerating the expansion of the electric vehicle market. However, further speed and scale is needed to achieve the zero-carbon transition within the Climate Decade.

    This event will:
    • Showcase businesses from around the world stepping up and leading the way
    • Demonstrate to stakeholders the role of businesses in driving the transition
    • Explore opportunities for driving the market faster through collaborative action
    • Help corporate leaders engage in electrification 

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