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Industry Transition

Please note. Registration is now open for events on Industry Transition. Our online listings for all Climate Week NYC 2019 events will be published in July 2019.


If you would like to register your event as part of the Industry Transition Program, please click here.


The Industry Transition program will look at the technical innovations and commitments in the ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors such as steel and cement. Events will explore how these critical foundation industries for the economy can further utilize innovations such as clean hydrogen, renewables, biofuels, and synthetic fuels and in carbon capture, storage and use. The program will also delve into the moves that needs to be taken by sectors such as shipping in order to reach emissions targets.


This Program is aligned to the Industry Transition theme as part of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit; it will highlight announcements from companies and governments, across different geographies, making commitments to support the heavy industry transition to ‘net-zero by 2050’ and halving emissions by 2030.


Industry Transition

More information about the Industry Transition Program will be published shortly. 


If you would like to register your event as part of the Industry Transition Program, please click here.


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