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Getting Real: A blueprint for a commercially smart climate transition

14th September 2021 Climate Group with Oliver Wyman 2 min read

Getting Real provides a blueprint for a commercially smart climate transition, distilling the vast collective insight of the world’s most experienced corporate climate action practitioners to demonstrate how ambitious climate commitments can be turned into tangible outcomes. 

The report, created in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, offers real-world examples showing how some of the world’s best-known companies have driven best practice in the climate space. It tackles how to actively manage the domains of leadership, the business system, customers, and finance to make a successful and impactful net zero transition.

Each theme is assessed according to two key guiding principles:

Own the problem, don’t offload it 

Leaders should embrace the reality of climate change, looking beyond their company’s own operations towards the overall impact of their value chain.

Innovate the business, not just the technology 

Strategically rethinking the business design or working tactically with customers, investors, and colleagues is as important as innovations in enabling technology.

Full report available to download now: Getting Real from Oliver Wyman and Climate Group

Getting Real

Watch: Simon Glynn, Partner and Co-lead, Climate & Sustainability, Oliver Wyman discuss the report with Climate Group CEO Helen Clarkson during the Climate Week NYC event Getting It Done: Critical moments in the Climate Decade and how to get there

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  • Mike Peirce, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Climate Group
  • Simon Glynn, Chief Strategy Officer, Lippincott, Oliver Wyman Group (MMC)