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Executive Series: Opening day roundtable - Putting accountability at the heart of net zero

Our opening day roundtable focused on a core question facing sustainability leaders globally: how do we restore trust in climate pledges and put accountability at the heart of net zero when global commitments on climate change continue to fall short, backslide and lose momentum amid competing and conflicting crises and general global apathy. 

The session brought together former heads of state, CEOs, national climate advisors, global CSOs and community leaders in a closed door breakfast roundtable hosted under the Chatham House rule to address this question and more. With contributions from across the political, business and NGO spheres, the roundtable drew on a wealth of global experience and expertise on how to address the challenges around accountability how to rebuild trust and regain momentum around net zero. 

Exec Series

Roundtable objectives

Show intent - we must rebuild trust and credibility in Net Zero commitments and build confidence in self-disclosed data

Demonstrate integrity - Net Zero strategies must be robust and demonstrate clear short-, medium-, and long-term targets that are achievable

Be accountable - delivering and demonstrating progress and holding ourselves accountable is  increasingly critical

Roundtable generic

Key outcomes: 

- Embrace data as the proving point of accountability 

- Share best practice and collaborate 

- Recognise climate change as a social issue

- Be bold and demonstrate ambition

- Talk the talk and walk the walk 


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