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Unlocking Carbon Removal & Entrepreneurs with Voluntary Carbon Markets

Ben Rubin, Executive Director, Carbon Business Council
Radhika Moolgavkar, Head of Supply and Methodology, Nori
Kelly Erhart, President, Project Vesta
Ryan Anderson, Founder, Parallel Carbon
Event by: Event by Carbon Business Council
2 hours

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM EST
575 5th Avenue, Aether Diamonds/Third Floor, New York, NY 10017

United States

Unlocking Carbon Removal

Scientists around the world agree that the world needs to remove gigatons of climate pollution from the atmosphere to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Voluntary carbon markets provide a pathway for governments and corporations to purchase carbon removal credits, helping to scale a growing industry and realize net zero targets.

Please join us to hear from a diverse panel of carbon management startups discussing the state of voluntary carbon markets and how they can be improved. The panel event will focus on the findings from a new voluntary carbon markets policy paper, published by the Carbon Business Council and co-authored by leadership at Nori, Project Vesta, and Parallel Carbon.

Startups have crucial solutions and ideas for how to accelerate carbon removal deployment, but voluntary markets have not kept pace with the rate of entrepreneurship. The panel will cover challenges within existing frameworks for carbon management startups and marketplaces, opportunities for growth, and policy recommendations.

Join startups for a policy discussion about how to grow voluntary carbon markets effectively and responsibly, as they scale to become a $50 billion market in the next eight years.

This one-hour panel discussion will be followed up by a reception at the same location. Please join us for beverages, networking, and all things carbon management.

Thank you to Aether Diamonds for hosting us!