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Soy Roadmap for Payments for Environmental Services in Brazil

Peter Van der Werf, Robeco
Eduardo Bastos, Bayer Crop Science
Daniel Nepstad, Earth Innovation Institute
Marcelo Stabile, Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia (IPAM/CONSERVE)
Ludovino Lopes, Advogados
Justin Adams, TFA
Fabiola Zerbini, TFA
James Allen, Olab
Event by: Tropical Forest Alliance
1 hour 30 minutes

08:00 AM EST - 10:00 AM EST

Is there a Market for Payments for Environmental Services to Soy Farmers in Brazil?

Payments for Environmental Services (PES) are increasingly recognized to be an essential element in the range of solutions required to address commodity-linked deforestation, recognizing the opportunity cost to farmers of soy and other crops, for maintaining forests on their properties. 

The first PES project for soy farmers is now underway in Brazil, involving 50 farmers in a region covering some 450,000 hectares in the state of Maranhão. The current challenge is to scale up this and other initiatives, by ensuring the standardization of measurements for carbon and other environmental metrics, and the readiness of the carbon market to facilitate such payments.   

In this TFA led Soy Dialogue, speakers will expound on the readiness of carbon markets to invest in maintaining forests on soy farms, and the response required in producer countries like Brazil to ensure that low-cost methodologies for measuring environmental services are in a position to respond to the market demand. 

The result of these discussions will be further development of the Soy Roadmap and agreement on the collective action required to scale up PES for soy in Brazil.

Session Objectives :

  • To explore the scope, scale and readiness of carbon markets to mobilize funding for addressing commodity-related deforestation in Brazil 
  • To understand what is required from both public and private sectors in Brazil to ensure standardized methodologies for measuring and remunerating environmental services  
  • To dialogue on the gaps to be filled to accelerate the consolidation of the carbon market for PES on soy farms

This event will be streamed in the following languages: English, Portuguese