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Shaping a sustainable future for palm and other edible fats and oils in turbulent times

Andy Richardson
Caroline Ashley
Heleen van den Hombergh
Event by: Forum for the Future
1 hour 30 minutes

09:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST

United States

Shaping a sustainable future for palm and other edible fats and oils in turbulent times

Fats and oils are an essential part of a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet for both humans and livestock and are widely consumed as palm, soy, coconut and sunflower oil, amongst others. However, the way we produce and consume fats and oils raises major sustainability challenges for people and the planet.

From climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, to the war in Ukraine and heatwaves in South Asia and beyond, recent global disruptions have dramatically impacted production and trade around the world, bringing into sharp focus the need for both security and flexibility of supply.

Urgent action from businesses and governments to meet the rising global demand for edible fats and oils has highlighted the interconnected nature of the food system but what are the consequences of pivoting oils and supply chains? Have we just transported problems around the world? Are sustainability and human rights standards being upheld in times of crisis? What might viable and resilient supply chains of the future look like?

Responding to these challenges requires a fundamental shift in thinking, from responding to immediate challenges with quick fixes, toward an approach that can face today’s challenges while keeping a long term view. How do we create a future for edible fats and oils that equitably benefits and sustainably meets the needs of people and planet? How can we be flexible and sustainable, enable rapid transformation and meet global needs, while ensuring regenerative and just outcomes?

The Edible Fats and Oils Collaboration developed the Breaking down fats and oils report to provide a unique analysis of the supply chain from production to consumption for edible oils, for use as a tool kit to support corporate decision making and policy development.

The process has also provided insight to exploring complex systemic questions in food value chains. Join this event to explore how edible fats and oils production and consumption can be ‘future fit’. With leading industry speakers we will explore: - the role of the edible fats and oils industry in responding to the current crises, the resulting impacts and what we are learning; - the key insights from the Breaking down fats and oils report and how it can be used as a tool to contribute to future decision making; - how sustainability can act as an enabler of long-term resilience and security of supply, rather than a constraint – and how to keep this front and centre in decision making; - what it will take to enable just and regenerative production models for edible fats and oils - beyond surviving a crisis, to long term equity and sustainability; - how to build and embed just and regenerative outcomes into the edible fats and oils system to create supply chains that are flexible, adaptable and resilient to multiple global challenges; - future challenges and determine what’s required to progress; - interest in further exploration of the future of value chains for edible fats and oils. T

his event will be relevant for sourcing, sustainability, marketing and innovation professionals in food brands, retailers and food manufacturers, as well as policy makers, NGOs, relevant industry associations and certification bodies.