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Progress Toward Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

Donald Moore , Executive Director , GDP
Brian Lindsay, Director for Dairy Sustainability Framework
Richard Dewhurst, Professor of Ruminant Nutrition & Production Systems, Head of Dairy Research and Innovation Centre, SRUC South and West Faculty
Gina Gutiérrez Dairy Farmer, Granja Tepeyac, Hidalgo, Mexico
Event by: Global Dairy Platform
1 hour

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT
Zoom Webinar

United States

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

This event at Climate Week will illustrate the Dairy Sector’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions while continuing to deliver high-quality nutrition and support the livelihoods of one billion people around the world. The global dairy sector launched Pathways to Dairy Net Zero last year to demonstrate its commitment to reducing GHG emissions. Since then, more than 100 leading organizations have declared their support for this important climate initiative, including the 10 largest dairy companies in the world. Collectively, they represent nearly 40% of global milk production.

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero is an initiative unlike any other in agriculture in size and scope. It brings together dairy farms of every size and type, as well as organizations throughout the dairy supply chain. Pathways to Dairy Net Zero raises the ambitions on climate action (SDG 12 and 13) in the global dairy sector to achieve the Paris Agreement. This innovative approach recognizes the role of effective natural resource management and associated co-benefits to nature (SDG 14 and 15) through concerted action.

The Event will begin with opening remarks from GDP’s Executive Director Donald Moore who will speak to the progress of Pathways to Dairy Net Zero. There will then be a distinguished panel of Speakers including Brian Lindsay, Director for Dairy Sustainability Framework and Hayden Montgomery, Global Research Alliance. There will also be an opportunity for interaction with the audience.