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Ocean Sustainability Forum Presented by OCEEF

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Event by: OCEEF | Co-Hosted Event @ The Nest Climate Campus
One day

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM EDT
The Nest Climate Campus @ North Javits | 445 11th Avenue, New York, NY
Public event

New York City,
United States

Ocean Sustainability Forum Presented by OCEEF

The Ocean Sustainability Forum @ The Nest Climate Campus, presented by OCEEF, promises to be a groundbreaking confluence of thought leaders, industry experts, and sustainability advocates. 

As our 4th forum, the day will encompass illuminating discussions, ranging from the transformative power of creativity in environmental advocacy, to the paradigm shifts in transportation, and the central role of technology in climate solutions, to name a few. Central to the conversation will be the impact of everyday decisions on our oceans and communities. OCEEF’s mission is to help shape a world where people understand the central importance of the Ocean and ensure its sustainability by educating a new generation of ocean stewards through critical research and experiential learning. 


The Role of Creativity and Storytelling: 

Exploring the role of creativity to inspire change and hope, while combating the climate crises. 

Presented by The Shipyard 

Unifying and Industry for Climate Action Advertising’s Race to Net Zero: Industry leaders can learn from case studies how he the speed at which the digital ad industry is prioritizing sustainability pre-competitively. 

Presented by Sharethrough 

Scaling Climate Technology, Data, & AI: Scaling AI to detect, adapt, and respond to climate change in many different areas such as weather prediction, energy efficiency, or reducing emissions from transportation, agriculture, and industry. 

Presented by The Weather Company/IBM 

Accountability in Sustainable Media, Trends, and Insights: All advertising is not created equally, especially as we combat the climate crisis. This session examines the role of media – when are we being helpful and when do we cause harm? 

The Future of Mobility: To achieve carbon neutral, one of the most important steps is transitioning to a more efficient transportation system. This means finding ways to increase transit efficiency, expand the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous (Avs), and sustainable aviation fuel. 

Our Daily Choices Have an Impact on the Ocean & Blue Economy: The ocean covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Understanding the impact of industries that touch our daily lives such as fashion, beauty, health, and food can determine our carbon footprint and consumerism. 

Presented by OCEEF