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Flagship Roadmap for a more sustainable, safe and productive Brazil-China beef trade

Mr. Paulo Pianez, Marfrig
Prof. Raoni Rajão, Federal University of Minas Gerais
Prof. Shenggen Fan, China Agricultural University
Mr. Guan Gao, China Meat Association
Mr. Wei Yuan, Henan Meishi Group
Ms. Ying Wang, WWF China
Dr. Fabiola Zerbini, TFA LATAM
Dr. Chunquan Zhu, TFA China
Ms. Yuan Zhang, TFA China
Mr. James Allen, Olab
Event by: Tropical Forest Alliance
1 hour 30 minutes

07:00 AM EST - 08:30 AM EST

The case of the China Meat Association’s Specifications for Meat Industry Green Trade

Throughout 2021, beef supply chain actors, regional and national governments, and civil society organizations from Brazil and China have participated in a series of Flagship Dialogues, aimed at transforming the Brazil-China beef trade, making it more sustainable, safe and productive. The actions required for this transformation include demand side signals, including: private sector initiatives and public sector policies from China; supply side solutions at the national and jurisdictional levels in Brazil;  business-to-business agreements that ensure greater traceability in the supply chain and availability of financial instruments.

 In May 2021, the China Meat Association (CMA) published its ‘Specifications for Meat Industry Green Trade’, setting out a series of requisites and responsibilities for making beef imports more sustainable. The first 11 signatories have agreed to implement assessment tools and establish regular reporting mechanisms, as well as continuous improvement in management of the supply chain. These commitments have implications for sourcing from countries such as Brazil, where supply chain actors are working to implement traceability and zero deforestation commitments in the beef supply chain.

Session Objectives :

  • Present to a wider audience the key elements of the CMA’s Specification for Meat Industry Green Trade and the experiences of a company in implementing the protocol 
  • Explore the supply chain’s current and future capacity to meet the requirements of the Specification and its implications for Brazil-China beef trade 
  • Dialogue about collective action and investment to accelerate the transformation of the Brazil-China beef trade to a more safe, sustainable and productive supply chain

This event will be streamed in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese