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Communicating climate change: turning ‘blah blah blah’ in to Getting It Done

Angela Barranco - Executive Director for the North America at Climate Group
Luke Herbert - International Communications Director at Climate Group
Sophia Kianni - Founder and Executive Director at Climate Cardinals
Catherine McKenna – Chair of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Commitments of Non-State Entities
Edward Palmeiri - Director of Global Sustainability at Meta
Emma Stewart – Chief Sustainability Officer at Netflix
Dan Zarrilli - Special Advisor, Climate & Sustainability at Columbia University

04:00PM - 05:00PM ET

United States

Protestor for change

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Is climate change a communications crisis? How do we distinguish between authentic action and greenwashing? This session will explore how communications can help drive action on climate. How do we turn ‘blah blah blah’ in to Getting It Done? 

This session is part of The Hub Live at Climate Week NYC, from September 20-21. Get more info on the other sessions in The Hub Live over September 20-21, as well as the sessions happening as part of our Opening Ceremony on September 19.

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