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Building a Just Climate Future: Centering Equity in Climate Solutions

Michele L. Roberts | Member, White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (WHEJAC), National Co-Coordinator for the Environmental Justice Health Alliance
The Honorable Harold Mitchell Jr. Executive Director, ReGenesis Project (ReGenesis)
Representative A. Donald McEachin | Attorney and Congressman representing the 4th Congressional District of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives
Jill Tauber | Vice President of Litigation, Climate & Energy, Earthjustice (Moderator)
Event by: Earthjustice
1 hour

01:00 PM ET - 02:00 PM ET
earth justice

This is a defining moment for our country and our planet. The climate crisis is fully upon us and across the globe, people who have suffered compounding harms from corporate polluters and their political allies are calling for climate solutions that ensure economic, racial, and social justice, especially for people, including workers, on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

The Biden-Harris administration has put an unprecedented focus on environmental justice by directing all federal agencies to improve justice and strive to end environmental racism, by initiating Justice40 to invest in disadvantaged communities and by establishing the first White House environmental justice panel to advise the administration on delivering cleaner air, a safer environment, and climate action for everyone, especially low-income communities of color. 

And while gains have been made, there are still urgent needs to be addressed. Now is the time to advance bold and equitable climate solutions that make President Biden’s Justice40 commitment a reality for communities on the frontlines of pollution. Now is the time for action that supports a just recovery, jobs, climate and infrastructure legislation, and fulfillment of administrative measures initiated by the Biden-Harris administration.

To commemorate Climate Week NYC 2021, Earthjustice presents, Building a Just Climate Future: Centering Equity in Climate Solutions, featuring a renowned panel of experts who are working to ensure that as we rebound from our current crises, we don’t simply return to the same inequitable systems — instead, that we advance toward a healthier, more just and more prosperous future for all.