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Are we there yet? Steering the global market towards EV100

Franziska Barmettler - Head of Sustainability at IKEA Switzerland
Jenny Bofinger-Schuster - Global Head of Sustainability at Siemens Corporation
Ben Norbury - Global Climate Lead at AstraZeneca
Sandra Roling - Head of EV100 at Climate Group
Susumu Yoneoka (米岡進) - Senior Manager Energy Planning at NTT
Kristen Siemen - Vice President, Sustainable Workplaces & Chief Sustainability Officer at General Motors

12:45 PM - 2:05 PM ET

United States

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Climate Week NYC 2022 marks the fifth anniversary of Climate Group’s global electric transport initiative, EV100. For five years, members – which include some of the world’s largest businesses - have been leading the way in driving the electric vehicle transition globally. But change must happen faster. Can our success and progress so far steer global markets towards EV100?  

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