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Amazon Origin Sustainable Cocoa Roadmap

Bruno Cheble, Cargill
Nayla Yamel, Chuculat
Ethan Budiansky, World Cocoa Foundation
Eduardo Trevisan - Imaflora
Fernanda Hattner - Fruto Agrointeligencia
James Allen - Olab
Andrea Werneburg- TFA
Event by: Tropical Forest Alliance
1 hour 30 minutes

10:00 AM EST - 11:30 AM EST

Can Sustainable Cocoa save the Amazon?

An exploration of the transformative qualities of Amazon-origin Sustainable Cocoa

Cocoa sourced from the Amazon basin has a number of unique qualities: it is often planted as part of agroforestry systems, thereby enhancing biodiversity; it offers an important source of income to smallholder farmers and their families & an alternative to more deleterious forms of production; its genetic origins are from the Amazon, having been cultivated by native Americans for more than two millennia.

Can producers, processors and retailers come together to elevate sustainable production of Amazon-origin cocoa, and in doing so generate value for the people who grow it, promoting  a more sustainable, forest-positive form of production? 

The Tropical Forest Alliance and partners in the region have explored this question through a series of dialogues held starting in 2020. As part of this process, partners from the cocoa supply chain have proposed a set of minimum attributes that recognize the unique qualities of Amazon-origin cocoa – starting with zero deforestation production and positive labour conditions –that can serve to leverage value for cocoa produced in this way; they have also carried out a market analysis to understand the current and prospective market conditions and opportunities for sustainable cocoa.

This edition of the TFA Cocoa Dialogues will share the results of these two initiatives with a wider audience from Latin America and beyond. Buyers and traders of cocoa will be invited to give their perspectives on the current global market appetite for sustainably sourced Amazon-origin cocoa, and the challenges and opportunities faced in nurturing growth in this market.

Session Objectives :

  • Present the main attributes that Amazon Origin Sustainable Cocoa provide to climate, conservation and social challenges;
  • Explore the current and future markets for sustainable cocoa and the pathway towards growth in that market;
  • Dialogue on the collective actions required to promote growth and scale in Amazon-origin sustainable cocoa.

This event will be streamed in the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English