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What’s the Hurry


The window for reducing emissions by enough to keep in line with what governments around the world have pledged by signing the Paris Agreement is closing fast. In fact, 2020 is a crucial year not only because this is when emissions need to start dropping steeply if we are to get there. 2020 is also when a number of key political processes need to align to result in new, much stronger pledges to cut carbon emissions.

This event will look at the scientific and political dimensions of why 2020 is such a crucial year for climate action. What are some of the biggest players – the European Union, China, the United States and India –doing and what role they can play in driving climate action globally? What do Trump administration’ policies for emission reductions globally? What role do underlying market developments, like renewables, have in this process already? What can we learn from developing countries like India and China, who are rapidly moving towards renewable energy sources and electric cars? And what of the recent EU-China agreement in the competition for climate leadership?

Against the background of these assessments and developments, we will have a panel discussion about what political processes need to align by 2020: UNFCCC and the Talanoa Dialogue, non-state action and the UN SG summit.


  • Global climate action and the Paris Agreement: Where do we stand? – Dr Bill Hare & Jasmin Cantzler, Climate Analytics
  • Climate action in US and China – Climate Action Tracker, TBC
  • Renewables revolution – a springboard for stronger climate policy – Bloomberg New Energy Finance, TBC
  • What political processes need to align by 2020: UNFCCC and Talanoa Dialogue, climate action by states, cities and businesses, UN SG summit – panel discussion
  • MODERATION: Leon Charles, CAA Inc, Grenada