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Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space
155 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009
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Walking Tours

Walking tour of Alphabet City, #LES with squats, gardens, riots, uprisings and more. From the Civil War Draft Riots of the 1860s to the Young Lords, Black Panthers, hippies, Yippies and Up Against the Wall Motherf*ckers of the 1960s, to the Tompkins Square anarchists of the ’80s to the tree-hugging urban enviros of the ’90s to the neighborhood Earthies keeping the legacy alive today. 

Come visit legendary historic sites where the community faced off with gentrification and financial power. Peek inside vibrant community gardens and legendary tenement buildings and Tompkins Square Park. Check it out.

These events are part of tours offered by the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, located in C-Squat in Alphabet City.
The Saturday tour focuses on the struggle and creation of the iconic community gardens of Alphabet City
The Sunday tour focuses on radical spaces and movements of the LES.