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International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification and Ocean Conservancy
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12:00 PM
1:30 PM
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U.S. States Leading on Climate and Ocean

Ocean and climate are intrinsically linked -The ocean is a major driver and amplifier to our climate system, and, at the same time, the ocean is impacted by changes to our climate. Ocean acidification and other climate-related ocean stressors have widespread impacts on marine ecosystems which impact coastal economies, cultures and human wellbeing.

US States are leading discussions across climate and ocean platforms, ensuring that climate and ocean commitments, policies and communications accurately reflect their interdependence. Leaders are integrating ocean acidification and other ocean-climate impacts as part of their climate change commitments, policies and communication.

Members of the OA Alliance and US Climate Alliance are helping to promote and drive implementation of actions, including nature-based solutions, that address the causes of ocean acidification and increase biodiversity, adaptive capacity and resiliency of coastal communities.

Hear from subnational leaders who are working to build a robust global network elevating the urgency for climate action and to help drive climate and ocean policy.

Agenda (90 minutes):

  1. Opening Remarks by invited Governor.
  2. Congressional Armchair on Ocean and Climate Leadership: Where Do We Go from Here? Moderator: CEO Janis Searles Jones, Ocean Conservancy.
  3. U.S. State Approaches to Taking Action on Climate and Ocean Action. Hear directly from State Agency Directors and Secretaries who are leading the way, about the coastal communities, economies and livelihoods that are at stake if we do not act decisively on climate- ocean change.
  4. Closing Remarks.