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John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New Building, 524 W. 59th St, NY NY 10019, Room L2.85
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Unite Behind the Science...and the Math

You Say You Want to Get to Zero Carbon, Show us Your “First Gigawatt Down”

Film: First Gigawatt Down, Part 2 (Rezwan Razani, 18 minutes, 2019)

It's 2019. Team Earth is still sleepwalking into climate catastrophe. Team Doom is dancing in civilization’s endzone. And the players are as clueless as ever about how to actually stop the carbon emissions and win this game.

The fun, provocative film, First Gigawatt Down, Part 2 shines a light on the cognitive dissonance, but mostly missing math, that’s keeping us from coming together and getting it done.

A Candid Discussion about Nuclear

Pushker Kharecha, Ph.D., Deputy Director, James Hansen’s Climate Science Awareness & Solutions Program at the Columbia Earth Institute, will discuss how removing nuclear from the mix of energy sources is impacting Germany and Japan’s climate efforts.

Film: The Long Shadow of Indian Point, (Jon Bowermaster, 6 minutes, 2016)

Brainstorming: How to Turn the Race to Zero Carbon into a National Pastime

The vague and confusing way that energy generation is described prevents us from being empowered to ensure progress in replacing fossil fuels.

A new competition, The Race to Zero Carbon, will add a fun spirit and challenge students, activists, and politicians to get involved and critically examine their solutions. Interdisciplinary participation is needed to develop the concepts, and develop metrics to bridge the knowledge of energy experts and everyone else.

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This event is part of the Energy Transition program of Climate Week NYC.