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Sustainable Finance: Climate Commitments

Sustainability has become more relevant, it is moving from a philanthropic topic to being included in business strategies and activities. The rising number of sustainability initiatives is a testament of its relevance. Exactly one year ago during Climate Week NYC, 132 banks became the first signatories of the Principles for responsible banking (PRB) initiative and many financial institutions have signed up to TCFD, but where do they stand now? Are they walking the talk? What does it mean and how do you start to implement climate commitments?'

Join our speakers who will share their practical experiences about implementing climate strategies within a financial institution. From what steps they took to get started, to the roadblocks they encountered and how they overcame them. While also addressing the topics like transparency, how to move towards long term goals, how to build your strategy on climate science and much more.


  • Rebecca Self, Director Sustainable Finance
  • Jennifer Livingstone, Sustainable Finance, HSBC