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Showcasing Solutions on Food Waste

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, ⅓ of food is wasted around the world. New York City is a densely-populated city, home to over 8.6 million residents who on average produce 4.4 pounds of trash per day. The Department of Sanitation of New York conducted a residential waste profile and found that 34% of trash that is thrown away consists of organic materials suitable for composting.


We are at a place and time where we can no longer throw everything away into the regular trash bins. Organic waste that ends up in landfills rot and produce methane, a greenhouse gas that is approximately 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. In efforts to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 12 on responsible production and consumption, we need better systems for managing our organic waste and educating the global community to prevent food waste along the supply chain from farm to consumer and in different food industries (i.e. distributors, retail, food service, and restaurants).


This Solutions Showcase aims to empower the NYC community and Youth Climate Summit attendees to become food waste champions through:

  • bridging the knowledge gap between food waste and climate change
  • shedding light on how consumers’ food choices impact the amount of food lost across the entire supply chain
  • giving agency to the larger proportion of our population, including but not limited to youth and the every-day person to address the food waste crisis starting within their households, communities, schools, offices, and small businesses


Join us as we participate in a supply chain walk-through exercise to assess food loss at every stage of the supply chain, consider the life journey of fresh produce and where we can prevent food waste as consumers, and ask food waste experts the tough questions on why we haven’t solved the global food waste crisis yet.


Enjoy culinary demos, taste testing, and some free goodies at the end of the event.


This event will attract a range of stakeholders, from young entrepreneurs and small business owners to individuals interested in reducing the amount of food waste they produce.


**Space is limited to 40 guests for optimal experience and participation**


Belinda C. Chiu, MSPH, CNP, is a social and behavioral science public health professional passionate about sustainable development, zero waste, and climate advocacy. She founded the sustainability blog, A Healthy Blueprint to serve as a resource for individuals looking to practice low impact living and become changemakers in their communities to protect the environment and planet. She is also an Associate on the Youth Engagement team at Women Deliver, a leading global advocate for gender equality and the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women.

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This event is part of the Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions program of Climate Week NYC.