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Psychology & Our Planet

The Psychology & Our Planet event has the goal of advancing public discourse and action among leaders around the community’s productive and positive engagement with their urban environment. It will be an external event that shines a spotlight on how conservation psychology – the study on the motivations and barriers to protect the environment – can and should inform the work of non-profits, businesses, and government agencies in the NYC region.

NewKnowledge conservation psychologists, Drs. Rupu Gupta and John Fraser, will give a brief presentation on how using this lens has taken several organizations’ work to the next level. Gupta and Fraser will explain cross-cutting principles from this discipline that have helped leaders and can also expand others’ work on motivating positive engagement with a healthy environment. A group discussion will follow; and the event will conclude with a wine reception for informal conversation.

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This event is part of the State, City and Local Action program of Climate Week NYC.