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Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability
Cornell Club, Fall Creek Room, 6 E 44th St, New York, NY 10017
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Preventing Climate Change

This panel will highlight Cornell’s innovative work on carbon dioxide removal. The conversation will explore the technology, techniques, financial instruments, and policy necessary to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations and combat the worst of climate change. The panelists will discuss potential ways to increase climate resiliency in rural-urban networks such as adapting infrastructures and policies for the built environment and strengthening agricultural sectors to equitably protect human health and prosperity from the impact of extreme weather.


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Panel Participants:

  • Deborah Bossio Lead Soil Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
  • Rachel Bezner Kerr Professor, Department of Development Sociology College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • Johannes Lehmann Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences Section, School of Integrative Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • Natalie Mahowald Irving Porter Church Professor in Engineering, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University


This event is part of the Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change program of Climate Week NYC.