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Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture
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Possible Amazon: Beef Traceability

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Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture is a multisector movement composed of more than 200 members of agribusiness companies, business associations, research institutes and environmental civil society organizations.

Its main role is to articulate and facilitate actions for Brazil to promote a new economic development model based on the low carbon economy and, in this way, respond to the challenges of climate change.


The Possible Amazon initiative, a partnership among Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Arapyaú Institute, Ethos Institute of Business and Social Responsibility, UN Global Compact Brazil and Sistema B, was launched at Climate Week NY 2019 as a call to discuss concrete science-based proposals for sustainable development of the Amazon on the road to COP-25 and beyond.

A development model that is economically viable, sustainable, inclusive and that preserves a standing forest in the region must propose the necessary protection to immediately stop illegal activities, a plan for sustainable development in the region and ensure the traceability of livestock, agriculture, mining and forest-sourced products. Legality, economy and traceability represent the pillars of the development of the Amazon.

One of the priorities for the Possible Amazon to become a reality is that beef value chain in the Amazon region become 100% traceable to prevent the consumption of these products from financing illegal activities in the forest. Today, 99% of deforestation is illegal and there is a will by the conscientious productive sector not to be involved with these criminal activities.

Therefore, to find real solutions to the challenge of beef traceability in the Amazon, the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture created a taskforce, in which the main actors of the beef chain in Brazil participate, such as: WWF Brazil, JBS,  ABIEC - Brazilian Beef Exporters Association,  EQAO, GTPS - Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock, Imaflora - Institute of Forestry and Agriculture Management and Certification, Imazon - Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon, Arapyaú Institute, IPAM - Amazon Environmental Research Institute, Marfrig Global Foods, P4F - Partnership for Forests, Solidaridad Network, TNC - The Nature Conservancy, UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais and Vicente and Maciel Law Firm: Environmental Consultancy.


For this event, representatives of this taskforce will present the study that demonstrates what and how the beef value chain in the country is, punctuates the traceability experiences already made, relates the benchmarking with other countries and brings a set of recommendations to fill the current gaps in this activity. Besides, a debate will be conducted on the measures that Brazilian sectors (civil society organizations, government, academia and private sector) are taking to try to move forward on this agenda.

With the results of this survey, the next steps for the group's work should aim at a solution capable of covering all links in the chain - from breeding to fattening, slaughter, retail and consumption.

The panelists are:

• André Guimarães - Co-facilitator of the Coalition and Executive Director of the Environmental Research Institute of the Amazon (IPAM);

• Marcello Brito - Co-facilitator of the Coalition and President of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (Abag);

• Bianca Nakamato - Conservation Analyst at WWF Brazil;

• Christopher Wells – Global Head of Environmental and Social Risk at Santander Bank;

• Márcio Nappo - Director of Sustainability at JBS.

Target audience: stakeholders that monitor the beef value chain and deforestation in Brazil, such as: investors, companies, rural producers, governments, environmental civil society organizations, research institutes and the media.

Contact to receive the link to attend the event.