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Play for the Planet

Calling all musicians and performing artists interested in using their platform to talk about the climate crisis!

We are reaching out to musicians and artists who share our desire to motivate action on the climate crisis. We are asking each artist a couple of short written questions about their career as an artist and their interest in the environment. We then follow up with the simple question: “What do you want the future to sound like?” As a response to this question, we ask that artists record themselves for one to two minutes playing their own music (dance, poetry, etc.) based on their hope for the future. A short, human-interest piece about them and their recorded video will be featured as a series of testimonials on our website, and will coincide with a formal social media campaign. We encourage artists to tag their favorite nonprofit or environmental organizations that work directly to promote solutions. This way, we can connect their art directly to a climate based action.

Participating artists are encouraged to post these videos to their own social media channels, using the hashtags, #PlayforthePlanet and #ClimateMusic in addition to their own hashtags.

Our goal is to provide a platform for artists to reach audiences about the critical issue of climate change as well as to promote their own work and activism. We seek to inspire artists to become more involved in a broader conversation about how art can spark an emotional response and real progress on the climate crisis.

Instructions: Below, artists will find two interview questions, which we would like them to answer in written responses.

For the final question, “What do you want the future to sound like?”, we ask that artists record a short video that includes a quick introduction, and then at least one minute of them playing their own music based on what they hope the future will sound like.

Interview Questions:

  1. Describe your own work and its impact. (short written answer)
  2. What does music mean to you, and why do you think it is important to find creative ways to communicate the issues surrounding climate change? (short written answer)
  3. What do you want the future to sound like? (1-2 minute video answer)

Introduce yourself and your music.

- “Hi my name is XX. I have played the XX for XX years, and this is what I want the future to sound like.” - Play musical response.

The ClimateMusic Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, collaboration of renowned scientists and world-class musicians, who create musical and visual experiences guided by the scientific data on climate change . We compose music in a variety of genres to build understanding among diverse communities. And, we are connected to a growing network of climate action groups to provide audiences with a direct pathway to action. We have performed for audiences throughout the Bay Area and globally, and we have been featured in global press outlets, including The New York Times , BBC, The Verge, Neon, NPR, and La Repubblica.