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Rainforest Alliance, Accountability Framework Initiative (AFI)
Nature's Climate Hub - Convene, 101 Park Avenue, Pershing Hub
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Partnership for Greater Accountability

Partnership for Greater Accountability: How governments, civil society and companies can collaborate to achieve ethical supply chains

Multiple initiatives across different tropical producing regions and in consumer markets are recognizing and responding to the collective challenge of achieving ethical supply chains. Ensuring that these efforts are harmonized requires common goals and objectives as well as coordinated efforts to achieve them, where each stakeholder can play their unique role. The Accountability Framework supports this alignment by offering consensus-based terms, definitions and metrics for commodity production, supply chain management, monitoring, and reporting of impacts and results.

This event, sponsored by the AFi and key partners, aims to contribute to addressing this common challenge by highlighting examples of efforts in public and private spaces where stakeholders are working together to achieve greater impact and accelerate progress towards ethical supply chains. The event will feature examples such as the Sustainable Districts Platform of Indonesia, the Deforestation-free Cocoa Roadmap of Cameroon, the Deforestation-free efforts on palm oil and cocoa in Colombia, private sector initiatives by companies.

By emphasizing lessons from current efforts and identifying remaining gaps where additional collaboration and alignment are still needed or strengthened, this event will help advance the conversation around collective efforts on the basis of common understandings of definitions, norms and metrics developed by the Accountability Framework Initiative.

The event will include a variety of facilitation formats that include panel discussions, small group break outs / work sessions, and live polling with time for a coffee break in between.

This event is part of the Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions program of Climate Week NYC.