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The Explorers Club
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A New Security Paradigm

Thirty years after widespread recognition of man-made Climate change, we have yet to confront the urgency of the problem - or the full extent of the opportunities it affords.

Global climate modeling efforts have persistently underestimated the rate of change and it's consequences. So-called positive feedback loops have been omitted, misunderstood, or simply unpredictable with current data. 

General Wesley Clark will offer a current assessment. Remedial agreements - Kyoto, Paris - and various remedial measures, like carbon trading, or cap and trade have failed politically. He will articulate how we must approach the problem with a new, global intensity. 

For market economies, there is no substitute for putting an escalating price on carbon. General Clark will outline how best to structure his approach, describe the benefits, and explain how to implement it. 

While we face other security challenges - General Clark will show that there are none more daunting, and none whose resolution could carry such benefits. 

Following General Clarks' presentation, there will be a more intimate seated dinner upstairs in the Club's Gallery. Please note that portion of the evening requires a separate ticket, as it involves dinner service. The standard presentation ticket does include a light reception from 6:00 - 7:00 pm. 

Member Ticket Price - Presentation: $10
Guest Ticket Price - Presentation: $25
Student Ticket Price - Presentation: $5 with a valid student ID at the door
Member Ticket Price - Dinner: $75
Guest Ticket Price - Dinner: $85