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Fern and the Climate, Land, Ambition and Rights Alliance
Helen Mills 137-139 West 26th ST New York, New York 10001 United States
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Missing Pathway to 1.5°: People and Land

The Missing Pathway: How the land-sector can address climate breakdown while safeguarding land rights, food sovereignty and biodiversity

This event will detail “missing pathways” that have not received adequate attention in climate change planning: how addressing food production, degraded ecosystems and human rights violations can offer immediate, accessible, cost-effective and equitable strategies for meeting the 1.5°C temperature goal. Speakers will indicate how all required carbon removals can be achieved by rethinking our relationship to forests, and other threatened ecosystems, and agriculture. The requirements to achieve this pathway, namely avoiding the conversion of biodiverse ecosystems and restoration of degraded lands, securing indigenous and community land rights as well as transformative agricultural practices, can be implemented today to both decrease emissions and absorb carbon.

In the context of international efforts to address climate change, this event will present the “Missing Pathways” report, endorsed by Climate, Land, Ambition and Rights Alliance - a network of NGOs from across the globe working on the nexus of climate change, land-use and social justice: It will also outline case studies of land-use action to inspire governments, development institutions and the broader climate community to adopt a better pathway for ecosystems and people in the fight against climate change. 

Fern is a member of CLARA working on EU policies that affect forests inside and outside of Europe. 

This event is part of the Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions program of Climate Week NYC.