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Nature's Climate Hub - Convene, 101 Park Avenue, Madison Hub South
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Leveraging Climate-Smart Agriculture for Food Security, and Climate Resilience: A NBS Approach

Recent global statistics put agricultural contribution to greenhouse gases at one-third, and 75% for deforestation, which implicates it as one of the foremost emitters of greenhouse gases, and contributor to climate change. As the backdrops of the climate crisis intensify and devastates communities, the effect on agriculture sector amounts to more than 26% of the total damage and loss from the climate crisis.

With about 70% of local families dependent on agriculture and natural resources for their means of livelihoods, coupled with the damages and loss inflicted on the agriculture sector by the climate extreme events, discussions around promoting smart farming practices as an efficient Nature-Based approaches that aligns solutions with the problems at hand matters in the interest of food security, combating climate crisis, and ensuring that our environment is able to support and sustain economic and social activities, and most importantly life, is needed now than ever.

This event will bring together participants from civil society, farmers group, climate actors, to policy makers, to deliberate on approaches that repositions agriculture to sustainably become a Nature-based solution to the climate crisis, while scaling up food security for ourselves and the future generations. The outcomes of this event will help increase global climate action in agriculture and food systems at the local, national, regional and global levels. This event is open to all participants at the Hub.


  • Mokaya Omesa
  • Elujulo Opeyemi
  • Bakare Oluwatoyosi

This event is part of the Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions program of Climate Week NYC.