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The Climate Museum
Nolan Park House 18, Governors Island, New York, NY 10004
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Leading on Climate: Youth Perspectives

What is it like to be a young person at the forefront of climate activism? What lessons about urgency and justice can we learn from youth leaders? What intergenerational connections can we make to face the climate crisis more effectively together? Join Jade Lozada and Otto Moran, two youth strikers, Zina Precht-Rodriguez with the Sunrise Movement, and moderator Miranda Massie with the Climate Museum to explore these questions and others.

This panel will take place at the Climate Museum’s Taking Action exhibition, a show itself inspired by the youth climate movement, at Nolan Park, House 18 on Governors Island. For more information and to register for our event, please see our Eventbrite page.

Jade Lozada is a Fridays for Future activist from the High School of American Studies at Lehman College, where she is a senior. Jade is a core organizer, co-leading arts for the September 20th Climate Strike, and will be coming to the panel just after delivering a spoken word performance at the Our Future Festival mainstage on Governors Island.

Otto Moran is a Fridays for Future representative at Brooklyn Friends School, where he is a senior. Recently, he has worked on communications for the September 20th Climate Strike, and he also organized a contingent of a Brooklyn schools to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to join the march to Battery Park on the 20th.

Zina Precht-Rodriguez is the Press and Media Fellow with the Sunrise Movement, handling communications for the organization that has mobilized massive demonstrations around the country and put the Green New Deal on the map. She studied Human Rights and Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

Miranda Massie is the Director of the Climate Museum. The Climate Museum’s vision is to inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions.

This event is co-presented with Sunrise Movement. Sunrise is a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis. Sunrise is a 501(c)(4) organization that has a 4-year plan to make climate action an urgent priority in every corner of the country, expose the fossil fuel executives who have purchased politicians and blocked progress, and lift up champions who will work for the people at every level of government.

This event is part of the Youth and Climate Activism program of Climate Week NYC.