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Lawyers Climate Week: Lawyers for Climate Action Now Friday

Lawyers, individually, and collectively as a profession, are uniquely positioned to advance public sector climate solutions. Protecting society from harm is the most fundamental purpose of law and government. Faced with clear evidence of impending harm, we as citizens and lawyers have a duty to speak out on the need for effective government action to prevent or mitigate such harm. Climate change is a current and impending harm.

Lawyers have a special duty to speak out on important societal issues, especially regarding matters that may be effectively redressed through law. As concerned citizens, lawyers can encourage public action on climate change by engaging in personal advocacy. All levels of government must immediately begin deploying the broadest range of legal tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible. Public sector actions could include legislation to implement carbon pricing; greenhouse gas regulation; incentives for innovation in energy, agriculture and industry; support for carbon sequestration in soils and vegetation; and removal of legal barriers to building a carbon-free economy.

Lawyers can be valuable participants in many forms of climate sustainability activism, including advocating for action to elected official and policymakers. As part of Lawyers Climate Week, on Friday September 27, 2019, we will be sharing information on how lawyers (and others) can engage with their elected representatives to urge meaningful and cost-effective action to address climate change.

Our call to our fellow members of the bar – and others – for climate action begins now. Add your voice to the call.

RSVP to Yolanda Pagano to receive materials:

This event is part of the Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change and State, City and Local Action programs of Climate Week NYC.