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Kingsland Wildflowers
520 Kingsland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Kingsland Wildflowers Festival

Kingsland Wildflowers is kicking off Climate Week 2019 with an incredible lineup of unique and local lineup of organizations and artists all coming together to celebrate Greenpoint as a hub of environmental activity.

The native rooftop meadow and wildlife habitat located on the banks of Newtown Creek, a federal Superfund site, was created through a close collaboration of private and non-profit entities looking to rewrite the narrative on the possibilities of the cohabitation of ecology and industry. This annual festival aims to bring awareness to Greenpoint’s and the surrounding communities' long-standing environmental burden and its transition to a cleaner, healthier future as well as the global climate crisis and the potential for local, community-based solutions.

Free and open to the public.

Food generously provided by Broadway Stages.


Newtown Creek Alliance:

2:30 pm - 360° rooftop tour - main roof. What is all around us? The vibrant meadow stands in stark contrast to the raucous activity that keeps the City operating. NCA will walk you through the sights, sounds, and smells of the landscape.   

From 4pm - Lectures in the M2 gallery space. Speakers include Vicki Sando - “How To” Organize your school to install a green roof. 

All day - Make your own Kingsland Wildflowers seed packet for kids and adults. We’ve been collecting seeds all season - this is your opportunity to bring the flowers to a patch of earth of your choice.


  • 3:30pm at Last Frontier NYC: aerial performances by Megan Hornaday and accordionist Erica Mancini
  • 4:45pm: Hivewild - a rooftop dance created by Katherine Maxwell, performed by Gabriella Sibeko and Robyn Ayers
  • 5:20pm: Rooftop concert by Lesley Kernochan 

All-day in the ‘M2’ gallery space - REPOPULATIONS: 

An art exhibit that examines the parallels between declining Greenpoint habitats of native plant and wildlife alongside the artists' populations, both depleted over time due to the neglect and contamination of their ecosystems by industrial and property development. Curated by Dani Holban and showcasing works by 20+ Greenpoint artists, the exhibition addresses the repopulation efforts of these ecosystems.

Greenpoint Innovations:

3:00pm - Bulkhead mural unveiling and celebration

This is your exclusive opportunity to witness the unveiling ceremony for Greenpoint Innovations’ latest climate change public mural, painted by artists @DanielleBKNYC and @LexiBellaart. The purpose behind the mural is to wake people up to the beautiful landscape that is Newtown Creek and will speak to how the Creek was once an incredible and sustainable source of life and can be again in the future once restored. Visible from both Greenpoint and Long Island City, and to all the boat traffic that passes by every day, the mural will become a standing reminder of the importance of New York City's waterways and their valuable role in ecosystem restoration. Support for the mural has been provided by Broadway Stages, Newtown Creek Alliance, and the Global Landscapes Forum.

Alive Structures:

3:30pm - Green roof tour with Marni Majorelle; founder and president of Alive Structures, and lead landscape architect of Kingsland Wildflowers at Broadway Stages.

All day:

  • Music by Brooklyn Rod & Gun Presents: Feral Foster & Friends
  • Farmers market stand with Eagle Street Rooftop Farm
  • Kids bounce house
  • Environmental info booths with city agencies and local environmental non-profits

The festival is sponsored by Broadway Stages in partnership with Kingsland Wildflowers and Greenpoint Innovations. 

Kingsland Wildflowers is a collaboration of Broadway Stages, Newtown Creek Alliance, Alive Structures, and NOoSPHERE Arts.

This event is part of the Youth and Climate Activism and Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions program of Climate Week NYC.